Ideas for your Business Facebook App Development Project – Run a Facebook Contest!

With the number of Facebook account holders worldwide now reaching more than 1 billion people, you have every reason to take advantage of Facebook for business outreach. Aside from creating a page dedicated to your brand, invest in a Facebook app development project. But before you begin searching through the credentials of the many Facebook app development companies to handle the task, you first need to determine the type of app that will best suit your business.


There are numerous types of Facebook apps. Choose from gaming apps, utility apps, news apps, and many more. If none of these apps fit your brand well, then consider launching a Facebook contest app. Some of the benefits of having your own business contest app in Facebook include:


Instilling Loyalty in Your Customers

One of the greatest benefits of having a Facebook contest app is to demonstrate to your clients and customers just how much you value their patronage. Since the contest rewards winners, it serves as proof of the goodwill your company provides.


Encouraging Awareness of your Brand

A Facebook contest app builds brand awareness for your goods and services. This is particularly true if your app comes with a share button. The more people spread the word about your contest, the more they will become aware of your brand. Interested participants will visit your Facebook page and head to your official website for more details, bringing you more visitors and helping Google to take notice. 


Increasing the Numbers of Your Followers

An app dedicated for the contests that your company holds is the perfect means for you to collect followers and fans. This will not only apply to your Facebook page; it also covers your other social media profiles and your website, as well. Growing your community and building strong relationships with consumers should be your top priorities as a business owner – Goals that a well-developed Facebook contest app will help you achieve.


Increasing Sales

It simply follows that when more consumers are chatting about your brand online, you have more followers to your social media pages, and you have more visitors to your website, you’ll see more sales. Your website conversions will go up. The Facebook contest app is the way to bring consumers to your website door.


Running a contest a great way to use Facebook app development technology to your benefit. Make sure that the team you will select the best of the Facebook app development companies, such as ConvoSpark. Visit them online at


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